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Breaking Ground

Jaques Hamilton grew up in the inner city, a defiant child, living in poverty, whose friends and family spent too much time in jail and passed away too early. But his defiance grew into a refusal to accept this systemic neglect as “the normal” for Memphians. The first in his family to attend college, he learned that health, wealth, and justice weren’t just dreams, but could be a reality for his community, too.


That’s why after years of community leadership and advocacy, Jaques Hamilton is running for Memphis Councilman for District 6.


Hamilton's passion is rooted in love for his community, and a commitment to investing in planning and economic development in our community. When we invest in our communities we can create a new normal. By educating and investing in each other we will work collectively to build a livable Memphis.

Smart Planning to
Nurture the City
Thriving Economy
Criminal Justice
Vibrant Community


The Shelby County DA office charges more than 4,000 juveniles a year with adult crimes.

It’s time to invest in the next generation of Memphians


Invest In Memphis

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